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This past weekend I had the honor to be a presenter and participant at a women’s retreat. While I set the intention to have no expectations, many times I found myself quietly wondering, ‘what am I doing here?’

It was an interesting couple of days and I have been reflecting on it as I work on a major creative project.
Present Moment

As often happens, I experienced a ‘shower epiphany’ yesterday while contemplating my interesting weekend: ‘We teach what we most need to learn’.


And then I thought, taking a step further: ‘We teach what we most need to remember’.

Bam! Cosmic two by four upside the head!

Remember to be compassion.
Remember to shine your light.
Remember to be love.
Remember be present: past is past, future is yet to be.
Remember we are all doing the best we can with what we know in this moment in time.
Remember be the best expression of you always.
Remember we are all traveling our own unique journey.
Remember personal empowerment begins with self-love.
Remember the sun is always shining.
Remember we are all unique expressions of the Divine.
Remember we are all One.

Remember how far you have come, to have faith in yourself, that you have the power to choose, and that the journey never ends.

Regrets? Never! Gratitude…always!






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