Stepping or falling forward?

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This morning I began to wake earlier than usual and as I lay in that ‘tween’ state of being, my thoughts drifted to how I would create my day. I had spent the past couple of days deep in a creative zone working on a project that now had a firm deadline. I am not a fan of deadlines, ever! However, I love when I enter that deeply creative zone! I love it so much I bristle at leaving it, if even temporarily to do things like eat, shower, take a walk, etc.

As I became more aware of the sun streaming in the windows, I noticed a shift in my body, a knowing that whatever else I did today, a long walk along the creek trail was to be included. For me part of maintaining that energetic level of being in the ‘zone’ includes some serious time with Mother Nature!

After sipping a chai latte, checking emails, social media outlets, taking the dog for a walk, (he is too exuberant for the trail!), I headed out. Arriving at the parking lot, I set out on the trail and found myself lifting my shoulders, rolling them down my back, automatically engaging my core, and lifting my chin up, just ever so slightly to be parallel with the ground.

Whoa! It seemed I was trekking on a trail I had never been on before! The subtle shift in posture produced a big shift in perspective and it was a bit mind blowing at first! Then I found myself chuckling!

The trees, that had suddenly leafed out completely, were providing a shady canopy over my head. The cool breeze had the treetops swaying in a grace filled dance. A bit of blue sky and clouds peeked through here and there. And the temperature was perfect. I glanced down for a moment to check in with the wildflowers. Some are beginning to bloom; most are not quite there yet.


Bringing my chin back up, rolling my shoulders up and back again, feeling my core engage easily, I put a big silly smile on my face and continued walking along this ‘new’ path marveling at the new sights. As I passed other walkers I could not help but notice the position of their heads: were they looking straight ahead with chin parallel to the ground; slightly down in front of them to see where they place their foot next; or, as we got closer, off to the side to avoid any eye contact…an interesting little experiment.  All fell into the latter two categories.

And then it hit me: an ‘aha’, or as I like to call it, ‘the cosmic 2 x 4 upside the head’, it seemed that they were falling forward as opposed to stepping forward! Falling forward into a life they may feel that they have little or no control over! Falling forward into their day, a day like all the days before with little or no magic! Falling forward hoping someone will notice and catch him or her instead of catching themselves!

And all it takes to change this is a subtle shift in perspective! Lift your chin just a bit, plaster a smile on your face, make eye contact with a stranger, and step forward-deliberately, creatively.

P.S. As I was creating my day earlier this morning, writing a blog did not come up, but then again writing more is part of my bigger picture!

Thanks for reading-By the way, love your smile!

8 thoughts on “Stepping or falling forward?

  1. I love this post Mary Jo! I could “see” and feel what you were experiencing. I often catch myself looking down as I walk – falling forward as you so beautifully stated it. No more! I am going to try even harder now to look forward and walk with the knowledge that life is grand and getting grander every day. Love and big hugs!

  2. Love this. It’s the subtle shifts that make all the difference. Funny…I just finished a blog post that’s been in the works for about 6 weeks. Finished it and found yours. Must be in the air. I’ll save mine for another day. Want to let this one simmer for awhile. Keep writing, MJ. Can’t wait to see you.

  3. I’ve looked forward to reading this all day and savored it until I was done with my work for the night. As always your words are a joy to read MJ. Now I’m going chin up into an epsom salt bath. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful perspective. I love it when fellow travelers on the path make eye contact. Some quickly look away, others nod, and the last group will often give me a big smile and say hello. No surprise that the last group are the ones with their chins held up and their eyes shining brightly. xoxoxo

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