What if?

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Ah, November, you have done it again! You began with warmer than average temperatures, a bit of an Indian summer tease, that temporarily disguised the fact that the daylight hours were growing shorter and that the quality of light was shifting.

Then the temperatures dropped, a bit of snow drifted through the air and it was upon me: that primal desire to load up on comfort foods, put on a warm sweatshirt drawing the hood up over my head, find a darkened room, curl into a fetal position, allow a deep exhale, and drift into a blissful state of hibernation!

It dawns on me that certain aspects of evolution are not all they are cracked up to be!


This is not a new experience for me. I realized several years ago that the month of November, with all the changes nature moves through, is a time that presents certain challenges to me. Over time I have come up with some tricks and tools that allow me to move through this time of the year with a tad more grace. Yet there is always that moment when I realize it is happening again!

This time around, it seems the challenge is ‘more’. Perhaps it is because I spent almost a week of deep learning and meditation in the warm, sunny climate of Cancun at the end of October. Followed by another week or so in Orlando, FL, with nearly 300 hundred amazing souls, again warm & sunny. Denying, delaying the reality that awaited me back in Wisconsin!

Perhaps it has something to do with the continuing fallout from the election. Observing as the perceived rift among us appears to grow wider and deeper, when all along all people of the world desire the same things: to feel we belong, to be loved, to be valued no matter our name, skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, etc. and to be HAPPY!

You see, we show up on this earth wired to feel love, to feel connected, to know we have a place & a sense of purpose in this world. After all we are divine beings, beautiful in our differences and our similarities. And when any of these are questioned, threatened, and denied, we feel unmoored and may find ourselves splashing and spluttering in circles as we search for firm footing to once again anchor ourselves.

Here is what I know: it is going to be all right. It is going to be better than all right! Did I say we won’t have some difficult, challenging times ahead when we may teeter on the brink of giving up, giving in? No, there will be some of that and still, there will be so much more of people reaching out to others, supporting and comforting each other, standing hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, unwavering in the power of truth: love is all there ever has been and will ever be.

And so, I close my eyes and inhale easily, deeply, marveling at the power, strength & beauty of the breath…holding it for just a moment before slowly exhaling, and looking November squarely in the eyes, I say, ‘what if, what if this time I dance in the dwindling light while eating comfort food, assume the fetal position when I climb into bed tonight, send love out to the world before drifting off to sleep, knowing in the very essence of who I am that in the morning I will awake to the possibility of another day?’ What if?


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