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Oh what a great T-Day! Gut busting amounts of food and laughter with family. This morning my ab and cheek muscles are reminding what a great form of exercise laughter can be.

While vegging in front of the tv post feast last night, dreaming of sleeping in on Black Friday, the screen on my phone lit up with a text message alert.

It was from one of the women in my Circles of Support group requesting assistance. She needed a ride to work in the morning and on the way drop her youngest, (just shy of 2), by her Dad’s.

I took a breath and replied, ok, what time? 7:00am she texted back and I felt myself about to emit a groan cause that would mean no sleeping in!

And, in almost the same moment I felt wave wash over me of deep appreciation for all the ‘little things’ that make my life easy: a roof over my head, food in my belly and fridge, clothes on my back and a laundry room, a car, a driver’s license, etc. Those ‘little things’ that at times we may lose sight of how much ease they bring into out lives.

You see, this woman who reached out to me is on probation. She has a job, is homeless living in a motel until tomorrow, is not eligible for the shelter because she has two young children, is determined to keep moving forward in spite of the road blocks that continue to show up in her life. Road blocks that most of us would throw up our hands, shrug our shoulders, and cry out, ‘why me???’

She never, ever asks that question. She acknowledges that she made some not so good choices in the past and that those choices have contributed to her present day circumstances. But she is not content to ‘accept’ her present circumstance as her future reality.


Every day she takes steps towards a future where she and her children have a stable roof over their heads, food in their bellies and in the fridge, a laundry room, a car and driver’s license, etc.

Every day she holds that vision of a better future in her mind and heart.

Every day she reminds herself that her life will and is getting better.

Every day she wakes up with a list of calls to make during her breaks at work.

Every day she is determined.

Every day she holds the hope.

Every day she inspires me.