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Just like that the Universe shows up to remind me to be grateful for this blessed life that I am CHOOSING to create! I often refer to this as the ‘cosmic 2 x 4 upside the head’!

I receive this reminder, wether I am seeking it or not, nearly every week when I meet with the women of Circles of Support. These beautiful women are transitioning from incarceration into society  As I have shared before, this transition is far from smooth with steps forward and backward, a delicate dance of survival. They ‘feel’ they have no power, no choice, and yet they do. It lies in how they choose to navigate the waters of probation until they are free.

One of the participants, who just came off paper, got it! She understands the power of choice. She understood so deeply that in the couple of weeks leading up to the moment of her release, she got very ill-her blood pressure was alarmingly high and nothing she did would bring the numbers down; inflamed knee causing extreme pain and loss of work/money; cranky digestive system leaving her feeling worn out.

Why get ill when she is anticipating being a ‘free bird’? One would expect her to be giddy with excitement, and she was! One would expect her to be counting down the days, hours, minutes, and she was!

She was also so aware that one choice could profoundly snatch that freedom from her and there was a part of her, that pesky little voice, that still held a smidgen of doubt that she was capable of making choices, choices that were the best for her. That voice would not shut up!

It begins at a young age, this conditioning in women of ‘not enough’.  For some, it continues through the years spent within the ‘system’ and very little, if anything, is done to shift that belief, a belief that slowly eats away at what ever power they have ever felt.  I see it every week, in every woman in the Circle.

Then BOOM!

The morning she became a ‘free bird’, Tuesday, May 23rd, her blood pressure dropped and was in her normal range, her knee was no longer swollen, and her digestion was fit as a fiddle!

The power of our thoughts, the power of our beliefs, the power that we hold with the knowledge that WE, we are the choice makers, we are the ones who CHOOSE what our lives will look like every day that we wake up, with every action we take, every thought we think, every word we speak.

We are the creators!

This is profound, this transformative knowledge, this is personal power!

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  1. MaryJo, This is so beautiful and such a great reminder! That cosmic 2X4! Love you❤💜💗💚💙

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