Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life 

An empowerment  series on living life more consciously and deliberately!

Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life is a revolutionary program that teaches you how to have an amazing life by understanding the power of your own thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

In this program, based on the NY times bestseller by Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams, you will gain the knowledge of how to reprogram your thinking, learn simple tools to kick-start your desires and re-ignite your passion for life!

September 12, 19, and 26, 2017
9th St Wellness Center

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Session Topics:

Thoughts Become Things: Choose the Good Ones!
Beliefs: Limiting Beliefs – OUT! Empowering Beliefs – IN!
Emotions: Our Friends not Foes!
Mindfulness/Mediation – The Magic found in Moments of Stillness!
Instincts & Hunches, Dreams & Desires: Instincts are Intuition & Dreams are Windows to the Future.
Faith in Your Own Power – Faith + Trust + Action = Success!

This program includes fun activities, priceless knowledge, tools you can use every day, bag full of goodies!!!

Register today and secure your spot as space is limited!

Live, Empowered, Aware, and on Purpose! with Infinite Possibilities

A program about living life more consciously and deliberately! It is about creating amazing change in your life through the power of YOU!

Are YOU ready to t
ake a leap of faith in YOU?
Are you ready to bust through limiting beliefs that may be holding YOU back?
Are you ready to rediscover YOUR personal power and passion?
Step into YOUR power and deliberately create the life of YOUR dreams!

Based on the NY Times bestseller by Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams!, this program will set you on an empowering journey of understanding that life is magical and YOU are unimaginably powerful!

Coming early 2018!

Vino & Visioning
Dreams & Desserts

Have you heard about vision boards and how they may help you reach your goals?
Have you heard the phrase ‘what you think about, you bring about?’

Have you ever created a Vision Board?

Has everything you put on your board come to be?

In this fun, creative workshop you will learn the potential benefits of creating a vision board and a few secrets to accelerating the ‘Law of Attraction’ so that you may bring your dreams closer to reality.

While sipping on some vino and sampling some desserts, we will create a
 Vision Journal, a  vision board that you can take along with you as the life of your dreams unfolds!


December 2017 Date Announcement Soon!

Fee includes all *materials, supplies, wine, cheese, and dessert!

*Participants are encouraged to bring images, words, phrases you may want to include in your personal journal!
vision-board sample
Space is limited so register today and secure your spot for this creative and empowering workshop!