Playing the Matrix

Playing the Matrix

Playing the Matrix and Getting What You (Really) Want! has evolved into the most impactful, highly rated, one day transformational program developed by author Mike Dooley (Infinite Possibilities). At its heart lies a simple concept for creating major life changes and living deliberately that’s unlike anything shared by other teachers, past and present

It explains why “manifesting” sometimes works with incredible ease, why at other times it’s painfully slow, and why at times it works, yet with hindsight we so wish it hadn’t! You’ll also quickly understand that the three steps of playing the Matrix are simultaneously designed to help you navigate around the 3 slipperiest areas of intentional creating:

  • how to instantly get clear on what you really want in order to avoid contradictions and self-sabotage,
  • how to get passionate about your dreams without attaching to the unimportant details, and
  • how to create a game plan and take action without messing with the ‘cursed hows’!

Playing the Matrix reveals the interconnectedness of all your dreams and how they flow together, and when “played properly” it reveals how this flow will ultimately bring you your greatest happiness and fastest breakthroughs. *

Playing the Matrix, a natural next step for those who are interested in combining the principles of the Law of Attraction with a method that is both fun and exciting!